Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Thanisandra, Bangalore North

Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Thanisandra, Bangalore North. The metropolis, New York, that doesn't sleep, was once more nothing but a piece of land on the shores of a huge ocean, until a natural port was discovered one day. His capital might have been founded by Napoleon anyplace. Paris air captured his fascination and established his kingdom. The birth of every big city is a tale. This is one of these stories, one of those cities. A city built by the reunion of the world's cities so to speak. The luxury that a city may take from scratch is how frequently guided by the collected knowledge of all the major cities in the world and the precautions of unforeseen development are avoided.

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Integrated Township

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Bhartiya City Thanisandra

Integrated Township Thanisandra Road

We came together in 2012 for the first time after four years of preparation, every inch, every need, want and dream. Bhartiya City's first brick was placed. Walk in a Monday morning and you will witness 60 thousand strange managers headed to the IT SEZ and the Financial district - walk somewhat, cycle somewhat. Most of them reside 4 minutes away from home, as future employees will. They do not endure traffic jams, they will not use fossil fuels, they spend an average of three more hours with their family every day and put the earth at their feets. they live and work within 10 minutes from each other.

A four-minute bicycle ride is your location of calling home (12 minutes by walk). Plates and floor slabs are easy to build, roads quick to pave, but buildings that contain Nikoo's houses are meant to unite neighbours. These houses are not intended to optimise the quality of life on square feet. Each house is provided with light, all the kitchens are the greatest in Italy, each balcony has the space to gather together and enjoy the renowned Weather in Bengaluru. Here you may follow your interests, whether that baked, skated or painted. And you can do anything for Wimble, of course.

There will be a play school nearby to which a 3-year-old can walk alone, Yes alone. And when she grows up, she will have the finest school to go to within the city. A school that will bring out the leader in her. From the classrooms to the curriculum, everything the school does will be to instill this fundamental belief in every child.

Masterplan Nikoo Homes

Nikoo Homes Masterplan

Did you know?

This enormous structure was constructed as a mini-town in Bhartiya. The Discovery Center provides your insight into what to expect when the project enters it. You will see interactive exhibits showing you all over the metropolis; you may wander through your future flat, even test your future sofa, by watching movies of the town that come to light in Amphitheater. The coffee provides the greatest coffee around. Not to say. We are ardent believers, after all, that you're supposed to do what you see.


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The Champs Elysees  are in Paris Times Square in New York. City of Joy will feature four hotels, shops and a conference center in Bengaluru that will hold the most exquisite events. The events will focus on the City Centre. On a weekend you will discover shoppers who are searching for business on the streets, artists and musicians, students, employees, cat walkers and cinematographers on every road to create the most vivid kaleidoscope of moods, sounds and nuances.

The Center for Performing Arts is the fairly impressive edifice in the centre of Central Park. Created by the flying butterfly inspired by Arturo Montanelli, the contemporary day pavilion is designed in order to shine magnificently on the evenings of the day. This is a homage to the town of Bengaluru in Bhartiya.

The trees that blossom at different times of year will provide shade and hint at the shifting periods. The below seats are filled with swings of grass, where you may sit and observe, think and reflect. The greatest locations in the public sphere represent the culture of the place, working discreetly in maintaining your minds by creating natural forms, patterns and symmetry.

The Command Centre will provide a bird's look into this town and work as a brain that monitors, notes, adjusts, stabilizes and gives intelligence. And that is why the safest, leanest cities on the planet have this. The usage of intelligent materials, solar electricity and an intelligent bicycle network connecting every section of the city with every other portion of the city were among the earliest thoughts into the city.

The words you just read disguise from the ambition of an experiment called Bhartiya Metropolis - a city that tries to make people happy. A city that wants to return more than the world takes. A town that will define the living standards for global citizens together with its inhabitants.

This huge structure is a little city of Bhartiya. The Discovery Centre provides you an insight into what to expect when the project revolves around it. Interactive exhibits show you the city's complete landscape; in your future Nikoo apartments you may view movies from the city becoming live in the amphitheatre or even try out your future sofa. The cafe provides the greatest coffee around. Not to mention After all, we think firmly that you should get what you see.